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Welcome to The Oddessy of Ia
The Odyssey of Ia is a campaign created by Untamed Skies for a DnD 3.5 adventure.

The story takes place in the world of Eveoria, on the continent of Eldorin. Perhaps the last great Continent left in the world after the rise of the Dark God Tharizdun. Once imprisoned by the other great gods Tharizdun finally broke free four thousand years ago and in his freedom nearly consumed the world whole. Until when nearly all hope seemed lost he and the worst of his followers were once more sealed away. Though he was not destroyed and the threat of his return would loom over Eveoria and every era that would then follow. The seals had a lifespan, the magic the good at bay was living, and required a powerful ancient magic that would create a Odyssey ever few centuries in order to keep the mad god sealed away.

This Odyssey would become known ans the Odyseey of Ia, the begging of need marked as The Great Ia Trees began to decay. The leaves first turning brown, and then grey, and then to ash. A sickness that would grow from one leaf, to a branch, until it consumed the entire tree and the seal would weaken. In these times several would awaken, favored by a unique mark of Ia, raised in temples their entire life they’d begin their pilgrimage that would take them all over the known world and into lands abroad, entering the ancient temples of the gods and gaining strength to once more create The Great Ia Trees, and keep the world safe from the void.

These journeys were not safe, and the chosen often ill equipped or prepared for the dangers of the outside world lurking. Their journey taking them to places of power where evil still exists that might consume and destroy them, and so they are escorted by protectors. Often the brightest and most capable of their hometown or city, those who answer the call prove they are cut from a different class of individuals. For the group that succeeds in their quest first is granted eternal glory and ever lasting honor, and a boon guaranteed by the god of their village each.

The player characters will take the roles of these such protectors, braving danger for the sake of everything, or perhaps to fulfill their own ambitions.

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